Photograph of Phyang Gompa Photograph of buddha statue Photograph of dawn at phyang Photograph of gompa Photograph of sunset leh palace
Phyang Gompa Buddha at Phyang Phyang at dawn Phyang Gompa Leh palace
Photograph of thikse gompa Photograph of river indus stakna Photograph of buddha statue Photograph of prayer flag phyang Photograph of mathoo gonpa
Thikse Gompa Stakna and Indus Buddha, Phyang Flag, Phyang Mathoo Gompa

Temples and Gompas

"The annual religious festival at Mathoo is famous for its disciples who are reputed to perform the most extraordinary feats whilst in a deep trance: leaping across rooftops and piercing themselves with blades. When they emerge from this state they have no recollection of events and their wounds heal without bleeding: a bit like a good night out in Glasgow."

Excerpt from 'See you in Leh' the book by Alistair Baird

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