stock photograph of prayer flags stock photograph of two prayer flags stock photograph of namgyal peak stock photograph of leh gonpa stock photograph of leh palace
Flags in Wind Prayer flags Namgyal Peak Leh Gompa Leh palace
stock photograph of sand dune stock photograph of sand ripple stock photograph of prayer wheels stock photograph of mani stone stock photograph of mani stones
Dunes Blue sand Prayer wheels Buddhist mani stones Mani stones

Flags, Wheels and Sand

"The main monastery buildings were delightfully ramshackle, with squint doorways and rough stone staircases leading between the levels of the hill. Previous Buddhist sites I have visited had left me impressed by the artistry and in admiration of their devotion, but seldom moved. However in one room I experienced something really quite odd. It was not a large room, perhaps 3m x 4m but the walls were stacked high with the effigies of deities draped in ancient clothes and most had their heads veiled with a embroidered shroud. From behind those shrouds protruded darkened arms and legs, hoofs and hands clutched gruesome weapons. Somewhere in the room was apparently the skull and forearm of the last Mongol invader, killed by warring monks some centuries ago. It was not that my skin prickled nor my hair rose but there was a palpable sense of place, of history and of passed generations. Most odd. "

Excerpt from 'See you in Leh' the book by Alistair Baird

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