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Lake O'Hara in black and white larches in canada black and white shoreline of lake O'Hara in b/w canadian rockies in b/w larch trees in black and white
Lake O'Hara Larches Spruce shoreline Path Trio
canadian rockies in b/w moraine lake in black and white lake o'hara in black and white lake in rockies black and white larches black and white
Stepping stones Moraine Lake O'Hara Rock, Water, Trees Larch walk
lake louise canada b/w rockies in black and white glacier canada in black and white tree stump canada b/w forest floor canada in b/w
Lake Louise Rocky Heaven Six finger Stumped Spooky stump

Canadian Rockies: Yoho National Park

I visited Canada's Yoho National Park for the first time in September 2006 with my Canadian friend Grant Mattice, a keen and talented photographer. Grant knows the Rockies well and so as we drove east from Vancouver all I had to do was keep changing the CDs in the car and watch the countryside pass by. Too often I wanted to stop and it was frustrating for me to pass by innumerable opportunities for landscape photographs. Grant had the specific aim of visiting Lake O'Hara and, with limited time, he was right to keep going.

The valleys around Lake O'Hara are strictly controlled by the park authorities and that control is vital to keep what is an extraordinary, unspoilt landscape in its pristine condition. To visit the area is a privilege and the park rangers go to great lengths to point out the responsibilities of every visitor.

I have never seen forest floors so full of life: thick carpets of mosses seemed to glow a luminescent green, great tangles of fallen branches and trunks lay just where they had fallen and lichens grew like sponges from the trees. Seldom have I felt guilty to leave my own footprints but if I left the path I felt as though I had wandered into someone's front room with muddy boots.

At the campsite I met a couple of other Canadian photographers: Jaime Trento and Michael Wheatley and links to their sites are listed below. Other links here are for relevant sites for Yoho and Lake O'Hara.

Grant Mattice   Jaime Trento   Michael Wheatley

All the images are from Lake O'Hara area apart from Lake Louise & Six finger

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