Cambodia 2008

BW print of Bayon face BW print of Bayon trees BW print of moon over bayon BW print twin faces at bayon
Bayon Face Bayon trees Bayon moon Bayon Twins
Fine art BW print of doorways Fine art BW print of roots Fine art BW print of moss gateway Fine art BW print of temple
Doors Roots Moss gate Temple
BW negative photo of claw roots balck & white photo of ta prohm BW fine art print of stone blind BW Photo of roots and window
Claws Ta Prohm Stone blind Root and Window


I must confess that travelling up the Mekong river to Siem Reap, at least to my generation, has a certain ring to it, given the various resonances it has with the 1960s and 1970s. As a child we always had National Geographic magazine at home that gave me a glimpse on the world that seemed exotic and alien, but the images and the flavour of its coverage remain an abiding memory. Those early recollections of Cambodia were of a country being torn apart by first imposed then internal war, so my first visit in 2007 had the flavour of adventure.

I am not a fan of crumbling ruins, given the predictable style of most English country seats, but despite my research into Angkor Wat, nothing could prepare me for what I found. I felt like a child again, amazed and delighted at every turn. I spent 5 days in 2007 exploring the main sites but needed more time to cover the more distant ones, which I was able to do in 2008.

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